Schanzenfeld area farmer has solution for hospital overcrowding

Mr. Abraham W. Unger of Schanzenfeld,  which is located 7 kilometers south of Winkler in the RM of Stanley, thinks he may have come up with a solution to the hospital overcrowding that is anticipated as the Oma Krahn (Omicron) variant takes hold in Manitoba.  

In a recent interview with Spottschreft, Unger indicated that many unvaccinated people are needlessly going to area hospitals.  “Many of these people that are ending up in hospitals don’t really need to be there,” said Unger.  All they need is a warm place to rest up with people available to check on them, not a hospital.” said Unger.

Unger has a solution.  He has a large Quonset hut  located on his farm.  He says that it is already being used for church services and with a minor retrofit it could easily be converted to an Oma Krahn recovery center.  “The floor is dirt so we would have to lay down some tarps and add some additional heating and truck in some water and portable washrooms but this is all stuff that could be done” said Unger.


A farm Quonset Hut could be used to house people suffering from Oma Krahn.

Asked who would staff such a facility, Unger indicated that they could get a lot of local volunteers to do the cooking and cleaning. He also felt that many nurses and even a few doctors who have shunned vaccines could be recruited to help as well.

According to Unger it would be a facility for the unvaccinated run by the unvaccinated. “They would feel much more at home here than in a hospital in Winnipeg or even Winkler”.

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