Spottschreft is the Low German word for satire.

To ‘spotte’ means to mock or make fun of.

Not all Mennonites are the same.  They range from  from modern mainstream urbanites that live and work in towns and cities in Canada and the United States and indeed across the world, to very traditional faith based enclaves primarily in rural settings across North America, South America and parts of Europe.

Traditional Mennonites see themselves as being  ‘apart’ from the world and have a unique view of world events. At times they take themselves to seriously.

Spottschreft is intended to provide a satirical and humorous link between  traditional Mennonite views and those of society at large.  Fictional characters  and scenarios will be used to relay the Mennonite response to local, regional, national and international events.

Other posts will  high-light issues at the  provincial, nation and international level with no direct Mennonite connection, just to spice things up a bit.

So remember folks, none of this is real so before you bring  me and this blog to the attention of the Broodaschoft in an attempt to have me excommunicated,  the contents of this blog are satirical.  Try to develop a sense of humour and if you can’t do that,  grow a thicker skin.


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