Introducing the W95 Mask

Does the mask you are being asked to wear cause you discomfort? Does it chaff your nose and prevent you from breathing freely? Winkler area resident Frank F (last name being withheld to prevent hate mail from vaxxers) has come up with a solution. In a recent interview with Spottschreft Mr. F indicated “the simplest solution is often the best solution” and according to Mr. F he has devised a new mask that addresses all the comfort issues related to traditional masks. He is calling the mask the W95 (the W identifying it as having been make locally in Winkler). Mr. F indicated that he will be producing the masks in his backyard workshop and is hopeful they will be on retailers shelves by early next week. Mr. F indicated he is hoping retailers will put his new mask right next to their display of Ivermectin and other pandemic supplies for ease of shopping.

Mr. F declined to be photographed. The photo below is a prototype of the W95 worn by an actor not a real person.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the W95 Mask”

  1. I heard he is also working on a new type of completely transparent face shield, referring to the prototype as the F-Shield. It’s also been rumoured he is applying to appear on Dragons’ Den.


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