Local man may hold balance of power in 2016 US election

Kleefeld – Peter Dueck, a mechanic at Jake’s Garage in Kleefeld recently revealed to close friends that he may well have a dramatic effect on the US election next Tuesday.

“I may hold the balance of power,” Dueck is quoted as saying.

In a recent interview with Spottschreft Dueck elaborated on the unique position he holds.

Apparently Dueck’s niece Helen (nee Friesen) is married to an English and they live in Pennsylvania. Helen is now an American citizen and is eligible to vote in the upcoming election. Dueck has been in contact with her over the past several months and has counselled her on the merits of voting for either the Republicans or the Democrats.

“I think I may have had some influence in terms of who she will vote for,” said Dueck.

In terms of his claim that he may hold the balance of power Dueck says, “It’s a democracy and you only need to win by one vote so if I was able to influence her vote that one vote could determine the outcome”.

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